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About Altona

Altona is known for its proximity to the coast and offers residents a relaxed coastal lifestyle. It is bounded by the waters of Port Phillip Bay to the east and Altona Bay to the south. The suburb features beautiful beaches, including Altona Beach, which is popular for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The area has a mix of residential, industrial, and commercial zones. The residential areas of Altona consist of a combination of detached houses, townhouses, and apartment complexes. The suburb has experienced significant urban renewal and development in recent years, with the construction of modern housing and amenities.

Altona offers a range of amenities and services to its residents. There are several shopping centers within the suburb, including Altona Gate Shopping Centre, which houses various retail stores, supermarkets, and dining options. The suburb also has a number of parks, recreational facilities, and sports clubs, providing opportunities for outdoor activities and community engagement. Transportation in Altona is facilitated by the Altona railway station, which is part of the Werribee line, connecting the suburb to Melbourne's CBD and other surrounding areas. Additionally, several bus routes operate within the area, providing further connectivity.

Altona Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance Altona

With over many years of experience in Altona landscaping and garden maintenance, we have all the expert knowledge to make sure your outside space is not simply considered another burden on the ‘to do’ list. As a trusted service provider, we pride ourselves on offering all our customers an unconditional garden maintenance guarantee: if any customer is unhappy with an element of our on-site service, our no quibble guarantee means we’ll return to site again, to ensure your complete satisfaction is achieved – absolutely free of charge. We offer this guarantee because we are 100% invested in customer satisfaction, and 100% confident that our professional and friendly teams will exceed expectations in every task. Call 0413 900 511 today for a fully transparent and itemised quote – with no hidden extras. That’s the Green 1 guarantee.

Altona Garden Clean Up Services

Garden Clean Up Services Altona

Green 1 is fully insured and equipped with the best tools to transform your garden according to your budget. Let us help you with an affordable garden cleanup service that will transform your property in no time. Thanks to a mostly temperate and partly subtropical climate, many properties are able to be beautifully landscaped where lawns, trees, shrubs and flower or garden beds flourish all year long, and we all wish that our gardens could look picture perfect all day, every day.

Here at Green 1, we know you have a busy schedule and trying to find time for cleanups and garden maintenance can be difficult. However, neglecting your garden beds for even a short period can mean that they end up overrun by weeds and pests, and become overgrown and untidy. We have all the expertise, skills and resources necessary to make sure your flower and garden beds always look exquisite, no matter the season. Avoid the backbreaking job of keeping your garden and flower beds in check and let our garden care specialists take care of every aspect of your garden maintenance for you.

Altona Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn Mowing Services Altona

Green 1 has become one of the most recognised lawn mowing service and garden services in Altona. Furthermore, our high standard of work and prompt and efficient service sets us apart from other competitors. Green 1's mowing aims to give our customers the same standard of work day in and day out. In addition to that, we are fully insured and take safety very seriously.

Looking for a one-off or regular lawn maintenance service in Altona? Look no further. The team at Green 1 are dedicated to transforming and maintaining lawns - proving a professional grass cutting and lawn mowing service that results in a beautiful, healthy lawn. To help keep your turf maintained, we offer a professional lawn mowing service as part of your garden maintenance program. Achieving and maintaining a lush, green lawn is an aspiration for many Altona-siders. With the many things that can go wrong with lawns that are caused by mowing the wrong way, it is no wonder that people turn to Green 1 Gardening Services to manage their lawns. Of everything you can do for your lawn, mowing it correctly will make the biggest impact in terms of aesthetic appeal and health. A great looking lawn is the product of a well-executed lawn care program.

Altona Hedge Trimming Services

Hedge Trimming Services Altona

One of the great features of any beautiful garden or any property is hedges or hedgerow. You can grow and maintain hedges as a sculptured piece of art, gives your garden an artistic view or you can create some privacy using it. It’s a lot to take care of but for Green 1, it is an art. The regular practice of hedge trimming and pruning has its own benefits such as it keeps plants healthy, thicker foliage and of course your garden will look neat and tidy forever. Hedging and pruning requiring a high degree of expertise and attention to detail, and Green 1 has a team of expert professionals for Hedge Trimming & Pruning Service in Altona.

Hedge trimming in Altona ensures the hedge remains neat, tidy, and an attractive feature of your garden. A neglected hedge will grow to be overwhelming, giving a displeasing appearance to your garden. It can also become a hindrance if it grows close to pathways or structures, and in some cases can even induce damage. Cutting back your hedges regularly will avoid the need for drastic cutbacks, which can be unsightly, and in some cases harmful, due to the amount of growth that is removed. Keeping your hedges maintained every year will prevent this sort of extreme pruning.

Altona Edge Trimming Services

Edge Trimming Services Altona

The use of edging plants seems to be a Altona tradition, with many homes having some kind of formal or informal hedge in place. Hedges can beautifully frame a house or garden, provide privacy and protect your garden from the elements. It then makes sense that many homeowners value the practice of hedge trimming and maintenance. Green 1 has an experienced team who assess and undertake all aspects of hedge cutting and formative pruning. We can also provide best practice advice on the best time to prune and the optimal size and shape of your hedge. Not only are we highly trained and skilled in hedge maintenance and pruning plants, but we also approach each job with an artistic eye, thanks to our specialist landscape designers.

If you want to keep your hedges looking neat and well-maintained, our professional gardeners have you covered. We offer a range of edge trimming services in Altona to suit your specific needs, whether you have a small hedge that needs a regular trim or a large hedge that requires more extensive pruning. We specialise in keeping your garden looking its best, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to ensure that your hedges are trimmed to perfection.

Altona Green Waste Removal Services

Green Waste Removal Services Altona

The boys at Green 1 specialise in Green waste removal in Altona. We’ve got the team and the trucks necessary to take on any green waste removal job whether big or small. Our prices are great and we move fast. If you need your green waste cleaned away to a deadline, then Green 1 are absolutely the specialists. We even hand-load all the green waste removal ourselves, meaning you can simply take a load off and enjoy Altona’s best value green waste removal service.

Green waste is one of the most prevalent problems that every homeowner who loves his/her garden has to deal with regularly. Whether a storm has left large tree branches and leaves scattered all over your yard or you’ve recently carried out a gardening project that has left dirt and debris everywhere, you’ll want to deal with them perfectly. But how do you manage, discard this green waste, and make your yard impeccably clean? Well, Green 1 can help you deal with garden waste.